Work With Me

What will it cost?

I keep it simple. My rate is $95/hour. All customizations are billed hourly. I require an up front purchase of two hours to start. I accept payment via check, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal.

A completely custom WordPress website, when I work with my design partner, will generally cost in the range of $4,500-$8,000 for both design and implementation. In the planning phase, I will give you a projected range of hours.

If you already have a WordPress theme chosen that fits your needs completely, and need help setting everything up, with plugins, analytics, domain, content – this generally comes in at about $2100-$3200. Additional work is billed at the above rate.

Costs do not include hosting, domain names, stock imagery, premium themes, and plugins.

How should I choose between WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix?

If you want a website that is flexible in terms of adding functionality and customization, I feel that WordPress has no equal. It will cost more up front to customize a WordPress website, but it’s a worthy investment in your business.

SquareSpace and Wix are drag and drop, easier to work with if you’re not an expert, but quite limited in how much they can be customized. If you need to get something up quickly, and it’s mostly a “brochure” site that doesn’t need special functionality like custom post types, then these options might be just right for you!

I already have a website that I like, but I need help fixing or changing it. Can you help me?


I already have a WordPress website, but I want help with keeping it secure and maintained.

Please visit my WordPress Maintenance service page to see my offerings.

Do you offer SEO?

I no longer offer SEO as a discreet offering. The field is overrun with dishonest practitioners who promise more than they can deliver, and don’t always use above board practices. I always ensure that the websites I produce use best SEO practices. Every new website I produce includes a unique page title for every page, appropriate titled images with alt tags, location information and keyword consideration. I can audit your existing website to find areas for improvement. But I don’t take on new clients for SEO-only services.